“Show Your Love for ICS Project.”

Recently, we asked our parents and students if they would like to share with us the reasons they have chosen the School of The Immaculate Conception. It was called the “Show Your Love for ICS Project.” We were overwhelmed with the number and scope of the responses we received.

Below, please find a small sampling of the beautiful comments written about ICS by our school family.


The teachers are absolutely amazing. They are really supportive of us students. They are the foundation of
our school. -Taussia B. 8th Grade

ICS was the right choice for my family. Academically, each of my four children receives the support and
individualized attention they need to obtain a lifelong love of learning. Spiritually, we are supported to grow
as a family in the Church. The beautiful campus gives the children a unique opportunity to play and enjoy
outdoors/nature with a sense of freedom & fun. - Byrne Family

I love ICS because everyone is so thoughtful. Also, I made great friends and met kind teachers.
- Michelle B., 5th Grade

Since coming to ICS, I have learned the meaning of “extended family.” My family has faced crisis, loss,
struggle, and sadness, but our ICS family has given us strength and hope. Through their kind words, prayers,
support, and understanding I truly have learned the meaning of family and what it means to be humbled by
people’s love. - Anonymous

My favorite thing about this school is the Blended Learning. We get to use modern technology every single
day, which makes our school very fun and educational. – Amanda M. 7th Grade

Everybody has a chance to learn something new every year. Also, everybody helps people who are in need in
the community. – Faith C. 4th Grade

Caring Teachers All
Love For God Deeply Instilled
Foundation Set Strong

-A Haiku by the Zeunik Family

Every time you come into our school you feel like it’s going to be a good day, because it always is.
- Cayla M. 5th Grade

I always have peace knowing my children are happy and safe. – Telesca Family

ICS has a beautiful campus. From the sunrise shining on the brick when I come to school in the morning to
the stained-glass windows in the Church; seeing my fabulous school makes my day! – Maya Z. 8th Grade

My family and I are happy with our decision to attend ICS. There is an overabundance of warmth and
friendliness from the faculty, staff and parents. They make us feel so welcome that it seems like we have been
here for years. – O’Connor Family, 1st Year Family

I love that I can call ICS not only my school, but my second home. ICS is a small community of kind-hearted
students and staff. I know almost everyone’s name. Also, ICS is diverse, which means there is a friend for
everyone. It is impossible to feel scared on your first day at ICS because the students and teachers reach out to
you and make you feel like you’ve been there forever. ICS is truly the best! – Gabriel A., 7th Grade