Middle School

Middle School


ICS is proud to offer compartmentalized learning for its Upper Grades.  

- Students experience a variety of teachers throughout the day and gain valuable growth experience as they move from class to class. Students benefit from learning with teachers who have concentrated knowledge and expertise in their subject areas.


- Special lectures, projects and classroom presentations challenge all students and give each an opportunity to grow and reach his/her maximum potential.


- All classes are equipped with interactive Smartboards for daily instruction.


- The curriculum continues with instruction religion with an emphasis on the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is conferred in the eighth grade. Because a basic practice of the catholic faith is service, students participate in various service projects, volunteering here at the school and around the community.


- A literature-based language arts program (with a strong emphasis on writing), science, math, and social studies complete the formal academic program.


- ICS offers Italian language program from 5th-8th grade.


- The upper grades also participate weekly in physical education, music, art, and computers.


- Changes to our curriculum occur from year to year depending on the needs of the students, the changing of standards, and the current trends in education. Textbooks and all programs are evaluated on a five- year cycle which ensures that our programs are constantly reviewed and strengthened. It is our desire to remain current and relevant in order to provide our students with the best education possible.


All middle school classes are equipped with interactive Smartboards.



ICS 8th Grade Tau Pin Mass - 10/21/16


Tau Pin Mass On Friday, October 21st, our 8th Graders received their Tau Pins in a special all-school mass with family and friends in attendance, as well. This long standing tradition began with the Sisters of St. Francis and signifies the embarking of our 8th graders into their final year at ICS.