Foreign Language


The Italian program at ICS begins in 5th grade and continues until 8th grade. Each level contains the four main elements of all foreign language classes; speaking, reading, writing, and listening.


In 5th grade, students begin their experience with finding out why it is so important to learn a foreign language. They focus mostly on learning new vocabulary words & expressions used in every day Italian. They also explore the foundations of the language & culture of Italy.


The 6th grade is considered beginners to intermediate level. Students are introduced to the textbook series "Ecco! Uno" which they use on a daily basis. Students reinforce what was learned in 5th grade along with new words and expressions. They also start exploring the basics of grammar, how to form sentences, and conjugating verbs. More practice is also done with conversation.


The 7th grade is considered intermediate to advanced level. Students begin the level 2 series textbook "Ecco! Due". In this class there is a much stronger focus on grammar, especially with mastering the use of the present and past tense along with other writing elements. Conversation as well as correct pronunciation is also enforced.


The 8th grade is considered intermediate to advanced level. Within this level, students complete the book, "Ecco! Due". Along with applying their previous knowledge of vocabulary, they also explore specific grammar tenses such as the imperative mood, reflexive, present perfect, and future. Students are expected to know when and how to use these tenses within their writing and conversation.


Aside from the Italian language, culture is an ongoing interest in all of the language classes at ICS. At least once a week a class is spent exploring and discussing at least one key element of culture. Projects are also done and usually connect directly to something that was learned in class.