Track Team


We are starting our 6th year.. and the team and CYO program continues to grow and improve with each passing season!  Fall Cross Country 2016 is shaping up to be another great season with amazing opportunities for our young athletes.  Track is such a great sport to be a part of because you are part of a team with all the added bonuses of team spirit but yet it is also an individual sport.. where you are truly competing against your own personal record.  Track is unique as well where you see all of the kids from the various teams supporting each other along, cheering you on whether you are the first or the last to cross the finish line.. it is a true community!  

We have had a few of our qualify and compete in the CYO Nationals and Junior Olympics!  This last summer Albert DePierro and Christan Camara(medaled for 8th place for Javelin) were part of the CYO NY Team and competed at the Nationals down in Florida.  Over the past 5 years we have had team members qualify and compete in the Nationals.. each year more and more of our athletes qualify for this amazing accomplishment and opportunity!


ICS Track